Small Plate Menu

Are We Live?

Aged Balsamic Infused Burrata 13

Fresh creamy centered burrata cheese

infused with an aged balsamic glaze

Crostini alla Caprese 10

Baked Sea Salt Ciabatta Bread topped in

a garlic shallot confit with cherry tomatoes,

bocconcini cheese, and arugula

Wood Fired Drumsticks 11

Three Wood Fired Chicken Drumsticks in

Your choice of ā€“

Lemon Pepper ā€¢ Bourbon Teriyaki

Spicy Capri Sauce


Pigs in a Blanket 11

Nathan’s All Beef Hot Dog wrapped in

a pastry puff

served with a grain mustard sauce

Street Tacos 12

3 tacos of your choice

Chicken, Steak, or Shrimp

Flour tortillas with chihuahua cheese, pickled

red onions, roasted corn salsa, guacamole cream

drizzled with a roasted jalapeno cream

served with a red chile de arbol


Filet Sliders 16

House Seasoned Filet Medallions

Wood Fired Shishito Peppers 8

Fire Roasted Mild Chili Peppers

glazed with a Soy-Mirin Sauce


Chilean Sea Bass 25

Ginger-Wasabi coated Seabass wood fired )

popped with a Soy-Marin Sauce topped with

sesame seeds and micro greens accompanied by

thishito peppers and grilled zucchini roll



Crispy corn tortillas topped with melted

cheese, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo,

scallions. pickled onions and jalapeƱos

with your choice of

steak 12 or chicken 10


Black & Bleu Scallops 17

Jumbo Scallops seasoned with a house made rub

accompanied by butternut squash puree and

roasted sweet peppers

topped with blistered cherry tomatoes


Cheeseburger 15

Double all Beef House Seasoned Patties served

on a Brioche Sesame Seeded Bun with

American Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and

pickle served with French Fries

Wood Fire Pizza 10


Ā Tomato / Basil


Ā Hot Soppressata / Red OnionĀ 

Summer SquashĀ 

Squash Puree / Italian Cured Meat /Ā 

Sage / ArugulaĀ 


Sausage / Bell PepperĀ 


Ā Garlic Cream Sauce / Mushroom Medley /

Ā Manchego CheeseĀ 


Creamy Burrata / Pancetta / Zucchini /Ā 

Yellow Squash / Calabrian Peppers


Are We Live OriginalĀ 

Prosciutto di Parma / Arugula / Sun Dried Tomatoes


Banana Foster Napoleon 10

Ā Seasoned Caramelized Bananas served in a graham cracker crumble with chocolate custard
and whipped cream served with a scoop of Vanilla GelatoĀ 


Three Stooges Gelato 9Ā 

creamy hand made gelato. Your choice of flavors on 3 sugar conesĀ 


Wood Fired Chocolate Chip Cookie 10Ā 

Warm House Made semi-sweet Chocolate chip cookie served with a scoop of Vanilla Gelato

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